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Questions and Answers


Who are the Pixel Pirates and where do they come from?

We are two swedish guys that shares a passion for games and its music.

How long have Pixel Pirates been producing music?

The first song we did together was called "No Name For This Song" and was released back in 2005 before we started making any soundtrack remixes.

When did Pixel Pirates start remixing soundtracks?

The first release was Cave Story and it was released on May 24th 2013 under the name Pixelhunters.

Why did you change name from Pixelhunters to Pixel Pirates?

In the summer of 2017 there was a trademark dispute over the name Pixelhunters with a company that had the same name and since we are just a couple of guys wihtout any resources to fight that battle we desided to change name and then came up with Pixel Pirates that we have been using ever since then.

What does your studio look like?

We do not have any big fancy studio. We use our personal computers and send projects back and forth to eachother. We have gotten some hardware and software over the years but it's all things anyone can have at their home.

What program are you using for your production?

We are using FL Studio with some plugins. The plugin we have used most in our career is Nexus with some expansionpacks but we have started to use Serum more and more lately.

Why are you taking so long between your releases?

We both have full time jobs and our families to take care of and our music production is just a hobby on the side.

Will you ever perform live?

That is nothing that we ever have any plans on. We are happy in the studio and not on a stage.

You said you sent your projects back and forth. Have you never met?

Yes, we have met. But we live so far from eachother so if we would only produce when we met then not even Cave Story would have been released yet.

Who does what regarding Pixel Pirates?

We do not have any specific things we do. Both are doing everything in the music production. Tobaunta is the one that are taking care of social media and marketing.

Where can the listeners find your music?

We try to get our music out so much as possible. Spotify is our main platform that we focus on but you can also find us on iTunes, Amazon and many other streaming services. We also have our music on Youtube, NewGrounds and BandCamp.

Where can your listeners get in contact with you best?

We are on many social platsforms but if you have a question for us then the Discord channel is the best way to get answers from us. Even if we are not the most active people to chat with we always try to answer any questions.